Thursday, October 2, 2008

idea: beatport playlist

My mixing software, Traktor2.0, died on me a couple of months ago...  it's been hard.  I don't know if you have ever loved something so hard, that once it's taken away, you kind of lose a part of yourself.  Music, in itself, is amazing...  but after I have had the chance to play with it, mixing parts in and out, I feel I actually got to know the tracks I listen to.

So in my insanity to mix again, I though of a cool idea; Try to make a playlist purely based on the samples Beatport gives you.  I do this alot, I have noticed.  I am going to start keeping track (lists)and once I can mix again, I will try the playlists out.

I surf Beatport a lot.  I always keep tracks in my Crate for a while before I check out, just so I can review the samples in different moods, so my Crate essentially becomes a rough mix in a way.  Of course I will edit some more, but it is fun to go back and review, and listen to new stuff.

So go to and try it out for yourself.  I will work on a Beatport playlist to share, and you better too!!!


CallMeCurran said...


Hook me up, gir'!

P.S.- I miss the shit out of you!

Tristan Oliver said...

we need to spin again at sasse's. that was fun!

Joseph Patrick said...

I can try to burn you a copy of Traktor 3.0.

It has a crack for the serial and everything.

Let me know what you think.