Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ritz "Open For Fun"

Ritz crackers just recently received a face-lift, and I think it's too pretty to pass up! I love it when an advertisement catches my eye, I mean, we are subjected to advertisements all day, so it feels nice to enjoy them every once in a while! This campaign, called "Open For Fun," stresses fun over function. A cracker being especially fun is kind of a long-shot if you ask me (although my inner fat girl, Jimica begs to differ), I still love the Ritz cracker shape as a graphic element, and the isometric box. Here is my favorite tv ad out of the campaign so far:

I made a playlist of the other spots on youtube. There are also some clever ads all over the net; from the ads I've seen, they are stylish, funny, and simple. Since this campaign is brand new, Jan. 1st 2009, there is going to be a lot more from the campaign over the next year or so! If you still want to know more, I found this New York Times article. I tried finding the campaign on Euro RSCG, the designer's, portfolio but no luck.

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