Thursday, February 5, 2009

DUH... Cash4Gold is a scam

Maybe Cash4Gold's much talked about Superbowl Ad wasn't such a great idea... The internet is now swarming with stories about how people are getting ripped off, and paid only a third of what their gold was really worth. Two things strike me as peculiarly strange about all of this, and they both include a lack of common sense: 1)Why would anyone trust this company to appraise your valuables without a second opinion? 2)Who at Cash4Gold thought that a Superbowl ad, increasing visibility of this scam, would benefit the company? The more people get ripped off, the more word spreads. You think this can't get any better? A former employee of Cash4Gold has written a fairly detailed rundown of the scam, which has been reposted on a popular consumer-watch website, Consumerist... this is getting too good. And this is why I love infomercials!
via Good, and the rest of the internet.

PLUS more from silly TV scams, does anyone remember those Extenze commercials? Total scam. I'm not sure which is funnier, the fact that it obviously looks like a scam and people still buy the product, or the fact that people are willing to admit they needed a product like this.

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