Monday, February 23, 2009

Theremin Lust

I am in love with the sound of this instrument, especially when there is just a little vibrato added.  I really want to try and learn how to play one of these!  To play, there are two antennas, the vertical controls the pitch, and the horizontal changes the volume.  You don't touch the instrument at all.  It is the same principle as getting better TV reception when you stand close to the antenna.  This is Clara Rockmore, she was one of the first to use the theremin for music, and not just eerie sound effects.  She's got plenty of videos posted on Youtube if you want to further check her out!

And now, just to show you the versatility of this instrument, a song that's a little more familiar.  This guy uses a theremin along with Ableton Live, a drum kit, and a piano:

weeo weeeeeeoooooooooo

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